Command-not-found support

We want to allow distributions to hook snapd into bash’s “command not found” support. This is the thing that, in regular Ubuntu, prints e.g.

$ httpd
No command 'httpd' found, did you mean:
 Command 'http' from package 'httpie' (universe)
 Command 'xttpd' from package 'xtide' (universe)
httpd: command not found

(in other distributions it can be interactive, taking you all the way through installing the package and trying the command again).

The effort has several parts. In no particular order:

  • make the data available from the store
  • on core (at least) pull the data from the store regularly, and have a minimal command_not_found_handle that serves data from there
  • look into distributing the above data via the debian mirror system, and have apt fetch it as additional metadata for the current command-not-found.
  • look into replacing the (currently too slow for core) implementation of command-not-found with the above one in general Ubuntu, consuming the same catalogs as currently.
  • support other distributions in adding support for the additional source of packages in command-not-found. SuSE and Fedora do their own thing (and Fedora currently uses packagekit which is single-source, but is moving to just using gnome-software as a backend? perhaps not as the startup time would be a killer). We’re hopeful (but perhaps delusional) that the above faster command-not-found would be good enough to be cross-distro, in the fullness of time.

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