Improvements in the content interface

I had a discussion with @niemeyer yesterday about theme support. Here are the relevant points I remember:

  1. As mentioned above, the interface system doesn’t preclude having multiple slots attached to a plug simultaneously. So there is no need to invent a new concept to support this. This is not currently in use though, so may be buggy.

  2. Potential implementation: each theme snap provides a content interface slot, and each app has a matching content interface plug: all theme snaps connect to all app snaps.

  3. Current yaml schema for content interface supports a slot providing multiple directories, but they all end up getting mounted on top of each other. But one slot providing multiple directories is quite similar to multiple slots providing one or more directories each: perhaps there is one solution to both problems?

  4. @niemeyer suggested a slight extension to current syntax:

        interface: content
        content: content-id
            - $SNAP/folder1
            - $SNAP/folder2
            - ...
        interface: content
        content: content-id
        target: $SNAP/dest

    Rather than mounting the content directly at $SNAP/dest in the plug-side snap, the provided content folders would be exposed as subdirectories. The subdirectory names would match the basenames of the source folders (i.e. at $SNAP/dest/folder1 and $SNAP/dest/folder2 in the above example). If two folders have the same base name, a new name will be chosen (e.g. if there are two folders named foo, the second might be renamed foo.2). For the “multiple slots” case, this would require some coordination between the individual interface connections.

    This could be implemented on top of the future layouts feature: mount a tmpfs on top of the target mount point, create subdirectories under it for each shared directory, and perform the additional mounts.

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