Snapd is now doing a little sanity check on install

As of snapd 2.3, trying to install a snap that will obviously not work as expected will now fail, with a message asking the user contact the snap developer.

The check involves looking at the permissions of key files and directories inside the snap: the root of the snap, everything under meta/, and any apps in the snap are checked.

We’re doing this because developers have found that in some situations a snap will fail to work without giving any hints as to why, and it was usually a missing read or execute bit on files or folders in the snap (stripped by accident at some point in CI).

the error message can be one of

snap is unusable due to missing files; contact developer


snap is unusable due to bad permissions; contact developer

as appropriate; the system log will have details about what exactly was broken, e.g.

in snap "some-broken-snap": "meta/hooks/what" should be executable, and isn't: -rw-rw-r--


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