Release your snap

Uploading a snap doesn’t make it immediately available for installation. You have to choose the channel(s) you want to release into.

Release channels

You’ll need to make sure when you upload your snap that your snapcraft.yaml has the correct confinement and grade to release to a channel.

There are generally four channels available for your snap:

  • stable is what most users will consume and as the name suggests, should be your most polished, stable and tested versions. Snaps in this channel appear in user searches.
  • candidate is used to vet uploads that should require no further code changes before moving to stable.
  • beta is used to provide preview releases of semi-stable changes. Snaps requiring the devmode flag to work are allowed in this channel.
  • edge is for your most recent changes, probably untested and with no guarantees attached. Snaps requiring the devmode flag to work are allowed in this channel.

The same revision of a snap can be released into several channels at once.

More fine-grained channels are also available if you are supporting several versions of the same software, see the channels reference for details.

Release process

Releasing can be done from the Snap Store dashboard or directly from the command-line.

To release a snap, run snapcraft release <snap name> revision channel.


snapcraft release drone-autopilot 1 stable

Once the release process is complete, snapcraft will return a map of your channels:

The 'stable' channel is now open.

Channel    Version    Revision
---------  ---------  ----------
stable     stableV2   1
candidate  -          -
beta       -          -
edge       -          -

Your snap is now available for users to install and in case of a stable release, it will be listed in search results.

You can see for yourself with the snap find <query> command.

snap find drone

Which will return a table of results:

Name             Version   Developer  Notes  Summary
drone-autopilot  stableV2  you        -      An autopilot mode for your drones

What comes next?

You can customise how your snaps are presented or review your uploads using the dashboard