Upload your snap

Before you upload your snap, have a quick look at your snapcraft.yaml file again. Two settings (grade and confinement) will define which channels you can release your snap to.

                confinement: strict confinement: classic confinement: devmode
grade: stable all channels all channels beta and edge only
grade: devel beta and edge only beta and edge only beta and edge only

It’s worth noting that the user of your snaps will have to use --devmode to install a snap using confinement: devmode. The same principle applies to classic confinement. This means that they have to willingly accept that the snap is breaking out of confinement.

Pushing the snap

  1. cd to the directory containing your snap file
  2. Run the snapcraft push command, appending your snap’s version and architecture


snapcraft push drone-autopilot_stableV2_amd64.snap

Your snap package will then be pushed and processed by the store:

Uploading drone-autopilot_stableV2_amd64.snap [====================] 100%
Processing ...
Ready to release!
Revision 1 of 'drone-autopilot' created.

Note that snapcraft push will return an error if you try to push a snap with a name you haven’t registered first.


Each time you upload a snap, the Snap Store will assign a revision number to it, starting at 1. This revision number will be incremented each time you upload a new version of your snap. The revision number also increments when uploading a build for a new architecture.

Need more information?

Use these commands for more information about uploading your snap

  • snapcraft push --help
  • snapcraft status <snap name>
  • snapcraft list-revisions <snap name>

What’s next?

Releasing your snap