Install snapd

snapd, the service you need to install to run and manage snaps, is available on many distributions. This page gives an overview of which ones are supported and what their current status is. It also provides installation instructions for each of these distributions.

Installation instructions

Support Overview

The following overview shows which version of snapd is available in each of the listed distributions.

Operating System Status Version Notes
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Supported 2.23  
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Supported 2.23  
Debian (testing) Supported 2.21 devmode
Debian (unstable) Supported 2.21 devmode
Fedora 24 End of Life 2.26.3 devmode, no-classic
Fedora 25 Supported 2.28.5 devmode, no-classic
Fedora 26 Supported 2.28.5 devmode, no-classic
Fedora 27 Supported 2.28.5 devmode, no-classic
Fedora Rawhide Supported 2.28.5 devmode, no-classic
CentOS 7 In progress N/A devmode, no-classic
RHEL 7.3 Unsupported N/A N/A
Arch Linux Supported 2.31 devmode, no-classic
Gentoo Outdated 2.15 devmode
openSUSE Leap 42.2 Unsupported 2.23.5 N/A
openSUSE Tumbleweed Unsupported 2.23.5 N/A
Yocto 2.4 Supported 2.31 devmode

devmode: confinement technology is not fully supported and all snaps are installed in development mode.

no-classic: because of distribution policy to remove the /snap directory, snaps using classic confinement are not supported.