Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

Classic confinement review process


As of snapd 2.20, snappy supports confinement: classic which allows the snap to run without restrictions. Future releases of snapd will also support a classic interface (name TBD) that operates similarly. Snaps specifying classic confinement may target the stable channel, but are only supported on classic distro systems (ie, not on Ubuntu Core).

Because classic confinement snaps run without restrictions, use of classic confinement effectively grants device ownership to the snap. Due to the sensitive nature of classic confinement:

  • users must specify --classic when using snap install to install a snap using classic confinement
  • the review process in the snap store will flag for human review snaps that specify classic confinement
  • the store provides a mechanism for the reviewer to allow classic confinement to the snap so that subsequent uploads do not trigger human review
  • the publisher shall be vetted using the processes in this topic before classic confinement is granted by the store


  • reviewers are
  • snappy architects are Mark, Gustavo, etc
  • advocacy team is @evan, @Igor, @popey and @Wimpress
  • classic confinement is defined as confinement: classic and the upcoming classic interface (final name TBD)
  • classic confinement applies to a particular snap ID and may be revoked by the store


  1. the publisher makes the request for classic confinement in the forum using the ‘store’ tag
  2. the advocacy team, reviewers team and/or architects participate in vetting the snap/publisher
  3. the technical reasons for why the snap uses classic confinement are gathered in the forum post and captured for potential future snapd improvements
  4. once the publisher has been vetted, the technical reasons are captured and the request is approved, a store reviewer will issue a snap declaration for the snap and add a comment to the store, giving the URL to the forum post

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