The go plugin

The go plugin can be used for go projects using go get.

Plugin-specific keywords

- go-packages:
  (list of strings)
  Go packages to fetch, these must be a "main" package. Dependencies
  are pulled in automatically by `go get`.
  Packages that are not "main" will not cause an error, but would
  not be useful either.
  If the package is a part of the go-importpath the local package
  corresponding to those sources will be used.

- go-importpath:
  This entry tells the checked out `source` to live within a certain path
  within `GOPATH`.
  This is not needed and does not affect `go-packages`.

- go-buildtags:
  (list of strings)
  Tags to use during the go build. Default is not to use any build tags.

Examples on GitHub