The kernel plugin

The kernel plugin refines the generic kbuild plugin to allow building kernel snaps with all the bells and whistles in one shot…

WARNING: this plugin’s API is unstable. The cross compiling support is experimental.

The following kernel specific options are provided by this plugin:

- kernel-image-target:
  (yaml object or string; default: bzImage)
  the default target is bzImage and can be set to any specific
  For more complex cases where one would want to use
  the same snapcraft.yaml to target multiple architectures a
  yaml object can be used. This yaml object would be a map of
  debian architecture and kernel image build targets.

- kernel-initrd-modules:
  (array of string)
  list of modules to include in initrd; note that kernel snaps do not
  provide the core boot logic which comes from snappy Ubuntu Core
  OS snap. Include all modules you need for mounting rootfs here.

- kernel-with-firmware:
  (boolean; default: True)
  use this flag to disable shipping binary firmwares

- kernel-initrd-firmware:
  (array of string)
  list of firmware files to include in the initrd; these need to be
  relative paths to .installdir and this option does not work if you
  disable building firmware

- kernel-initrd-compression:
  (string; default: gz)
  initrd compression to use; the only supported value now is 'gz'.

- kernel-device-trees:
  (array of string)
  list of device trees to build, the format is <device-tree-name>.dts.

Examples on GitHub