Registering your app name

Now that you’ve created a developer account on the Snap Store and built your snap you can register a name for your app.

Snap names are globally unique. Ultimately, each name should be owned and published under by members of the relevant project, but we welcome individuals who are willing to bootstrap and hand off to upstream projects when asked.

To register a name, log into your developer account and click “Register snap.” Pick the name that most represents your app. Do not prefix or suffix the name, for example with your username or “-snap.”

If the name you want is already in use and you believe you are the rightful owner, you can register a dispute. Follow the on-screen instructions to be guided through this process. Your dispute will be reviewed by a member of the Snap Store team and a decision communicated by email.

If you choose a different name to the name field in your snapcraft.yaml file, be sure to update this to match. You’ll need to rebuild your snap, a quick process when only the snap name has changed.

Next steps

Continue on to learn how to upload your app to the Snap Store.

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