Snapcraft plugins

Plugins are used by the snapcraft command to build a snap from parts defined within snapcraft.yaml.

Commonly used plugins include Python, Go, Java, cmake and autotools, and these help when working with projects written in a specific language or with a specific set of build tools.

These, and many other plugins, are included with Snapcraft, all of which can be listed with the following command:

$ snapcraft list-plugins
ament         cmake   godeps   kbuild  nil                python3  tar-content
ant           copy    gradle   kernel  nodejs             qmake    waf
autotools     dotnet  gulp     make    plainbox-provider  ruby
catkin        dump    jdk      maven   python             rust
catkin-tools  go      jhbuild  meson   python2            scons

Further information about any specific plugin can be obtained by typing snapcraft help followed by the plugin name:

$ snapcraft help python

For further details on specific plugins, see Supported plugins, and to create your own, see Writing local plugins.

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